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Cape Sounio Grecotel Gastronomy Days 2014

Savour the best in summer gastronomy under Poseidon’s Temple at Cape Sounio on Athens Riviera. 

Grecotel observes the Greek gastronomy and celebrates with an inspired menu of dishes made with organic ingredients from our Agreco Farm, a traditional farm located on one of Crete’s most amazing natural settings. Crete’s famed cuisine arrives directly from farm to table through the flavorful creations of Executive chef Sakis Tzanetos.

From June to September a feast of gourmet temptations await.  Homage is paid to the healthy Cretan cuisine whilst the World Cup teams up with a Beer Festival and a week of chocolatetemptations. Each month, the full moon is celebrated with the Aphrodisiac Menu – the perfect recipe for romance! Influenced by Poseidon’s proximity, Chef Sakis Tzanetos has created an Aegean seafood festival.  International cuisine from Greece, France and Italy is celebrated in September.
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"Gastronomy Days"


Agreco Farm "arrives" at Grecotel Cape Sounio

“From Our Garden To Your Table”
The fresher the ingredients …the better the taste, and the tastiest dishes are those cooked with home grown produce. Guests are invited to join Executive Chef, Sakis Tzanetos, on a personal tour of the Cape Sounio organic garden. Touch and smell the sun-ripened produce in the fragrant hotel garden and taste the delicious, fresh vegetables cooked to perfection for dinner. Dinner includes freshly-picked vegetables and salads from the garden.

Cretan Wedding at Cape Sounio? Happens!

According to the people of Crete, “anyone who has not been to a traditional Cretan wedding, has not tried real Cretan cuisine”. The authentic Cretan wedding, recreated at Cape Sounio, gives guests the chance to experience traditional Cretan wedding food, bridal customs and traditions of the island. All Cretan feasts have live dancing and music, so "Drosoulites" band will play bridal melodies.

Tastes & Wines from Italy

The final week of the Cape Sounio Culinary Summer festival is dedicated to neighbouring Italy; famous for its pastas, sauces, pizzas, delicious cheeses and inspiring pastries....Complete your gastronomic experience with exclusive coffees, desserts and spirits – espresso, tiramisu and grappa.

Beer Festival

Τasty goodies, local and international beers and recipes featuring beer keep even the most fervent fans satisfied.

"Sweet" Week (In ♥ with chocolate)

Chocoholics dream! A week of chocolate in all its guises and for all ages. Learn about the enormous variety of chocolates, try home-made chocolate ice creams combined with vegetables such as beetroot and celery. Try chocolates and sorbets flavoured with organic herbs from the Cape Sounio gardens.
TIP: luxuriate in a Chocolate Therapy for 2 in the Sounio Spa Retreat

"Fly me to the moon..."
Full Moon Aphrodisiac Menu

The earthy, sexy ambience of the Greek full moon makes the perfect back-drop to tease your senses…Imagine amorous sparks flying through the air based on the food served. If you believe in magic and historical tales of aphrodisiacs, enchant and captivate that special someone in your life with foods that stir the imagination and fan the flames of desire. 
"Poseidon’s Passion"

Executive Chef, Sakis Tzanetos, pays homage to the sea god by gathering the secrets of the Aegean Sea into hisfish, shellfish & seafood creations. Wine, dine & recline under the Temple of Poseidon in the light of the moonlight!

The Greek risotto (kritharaki)

Kritharaki, the Greek ‘risotto’, is married with seafood, tender meat from the Agreco traditional farm, vegetables and herbs from the Cape Sounio organic garden.  Paired with selected Greek cheeses it changes from a childhood memory to a gourmet dish.
French week–Local brittany cuisine
shellfish & champagn

The varieties of French cuisine are never-ending.  One of the finest examples of summer cookery comes from the province of Brittany in northern France which is famous for its mussels and scallops. Enjoy fresh scallops with champagne or fine wines recommended by the experienced Sommelier and let Executive Chef, Sakis Tzanetos, take you on a delicious journey with the perfume of Brittany.
French Cuisine & Wines

A week of sublime classical & modern French cuisine.
The sommelier will introduce you to the secrets of French wine and the most suitable food combinations.
Don’t miss the creations using famous cognacs and spirits.

"The Best of Greece"

Grecotel honours the Greek farmer and producer.
Savour the lesser-known gourmet produce from various regions of Greece: Stamnagathi wild greens from Crete; Fish roe from Messolonghi; Kozani Saffron, Chios Mastic and XanthiTruffles; Bean Fava from Santorini and Parmesan and Prosciutto from Evritania. Combine them with carefully selected Greek drinks (Cretan Tsikoudia, raki, ouzo, mastic and Corfu Kumquat) and enjoy unique cocktails with wild Greek herbs.
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August 2014

Friday August 8
Poseidon's Passion

Saturday August 9

Full Moon Aphrodisiac Menu

Sunday August 10
The Greek risoto (kritharaki)

Saturday 16
Cretan Wedding at Cape Sounio? Happens!

Saturday August 23

Poseidon's Passion

Sunday August 24
The Greek risoto (kritharaki)

September 2014

Monday September 1 – Sunday 7
French Cuisine & Wines

Tuesday September 9
Full Moon Aphrodisiac Menu

Monday September 8 – Sunday 14
"The Best of Greece"

Monday September 15 – Sunday 21
Tastes & Wines from Italy

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