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The main restaurant at Cape Sounio resort near Athens, serves delicious Greek and international cuisine. Breakfast features extensive hot and cold buffets with healthy and traditional options. Live cooking includes breakfast sushi, freshly-made crepes and Greek donuts.

Time your evening meal to be seated on the outdoor terraces when the sun sets over Poseidon’s Temple. The dinner menu offers a wide range of tempting local and international specialties.

Greek & International

Operating Hours
Breakfast: 07.15 - 10.30
Dinner: 19.00 - 22.30

Grecotel is famous for its lavish breakfast spreads—proof that all guests are treated like royals. And the selection at Cape Sounio is truly worthy of empire, a mouth-watering buffet laden with an array of fresh fruit in season, just-baked breads, cheeses, yogurts, and other dairy, breakfast meats, cereals and muesli, nuts, home-made marmalades, honey and more—mostly organic and locally-sourced. It is the ultimate breakfast buffet selection.

Seasonal isn’t just a key word: visit us in September and you might not find your favorite foods from June as grapes and figs take the place of apricots and cherries. Only the freshest ingredients and the finest make the cut—literally, as we slice our home-cured meats on the plate just for you. But the real piece de resistance is the menu of made-to-order egg dishes that goes beyond feather-light omelets—and yes, we serve those too.

These selections are truly divine, from a farmhouse-style Cretan scramble with vine-ripened tomatoes and oregano picked from our kitchen garden to an extraordinary version of eggs benedict with smoked salmon or bacon and poached eggs drizzled with truffle oil served with artichoke puree. Yum!






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